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The Phoenix Theatre

The Phoenix Theatre: On stage at the Staatliche Fachoberschule Schwabach


"Have you heard? There is going to be a play at our school today. And it‘ll be in English, British English, to be precise."


On Monday, December 11th the touring company The Phoenix Theatre presented their show "Echoes - The Loss of Lilly" to six classes at the Staatliche Fachoberschule Schwabach. The tenor of the play was about the consequences of using social media websites in the wrong way, which may be fatal. Performed by actors who had graduated from drama school in England, the audience was presented with the stories of Lilly and Ryan, which are set in separate, yet similar worlds. The actors made a point of getting across the challenges life may bring when faced with the overwhelming feelings of falling in love or when starting out in a new place. In the end, the worlds of Lilly and Ryan crossed as each character resolved their conflict in a distinct, yet different way.


Attending the play was a worthwhile experience for students especially since compulsory topics from the school curriculum were illustrated in a creative way on stage. Following the stage performance, it was easy to forget about time. So when the performance finished in less than an hour, this came as a bit of a surprise. The greater part of the audience would have been happy to continue listening and enjoying the event some more.


S12A, S12B, W12A, W12B, W12C & Vorklasse

Jakob Felsberger, Marion Kauntz, Maria Weiß

20 Ansichten


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